Ausum Cloud

Ethical Channel

Since it was founded in 2016, ALTURA CLOUD, S.L. (AUSUM CLOUD) has been driven by the need to offer their customers top-quality products and services.

This commitment to quality goes hand-in-hand with implication in tech developments within the sector in which AUSUM CLOUD operates and with the workplace health and safety of its employees when carrying out their activities and processes.

With this goal and the effort, commitment and integrity of the people who work and collaborate with AUSUM CLOUD, the company has achieved a good reputation, which requires constant attention and rigour.

Shareholders, customers, suppliers and society at large are pushing for greater levels of responsibility from businesses. Responding effectively to these demands is one of the key elements of AUSUM CLOUD’s reputation. Anybody connected with AUSUM CLOUD can influence the company through the interactions established in its daily operations. Keeping up this reputation depends on everyone acting with integrity, responsibility and respect.

Therefore, AUSUM CLOUD has a code of ethics in order to make the company’s staff, customers, partners and suppliers aware of the general values and principles that should act as a guide for their work and professional activities with the company. The values and principles in the code should, at all times, be driving force behind the behaviour of the staff at AUSUM CLOUD and set the limits for certain actions.

Through this code of ethics, AUSUM CLOUD intends to ensure ethical action when conducting its business, beyond mandatory compliance with the Law. This will only be possible if all its professionals strictly comply with its ethical principles and corporate values, only collaborating with companies that share our high levels of ethical values and corporate responsibility.

ACCESS TO THE CHANNEL Any employee at AUSUM CLOUD or any stakeholder (shareholders, customers, suppliers, etc.) can report any alleged breaches of this code of ethics that they detect by contacting the Ethics Manager, whose email address is canaletico@localhost; or by writing to the following address:

  • FAO Compliance
  • GV Carles III 94, 1º4ª
  • 08028 Barcelona

The system ensures confidentiality at all stages and guarantees that there will be no negative consequences for the reporting party.